Discover a Fast, Easy and Affordable way to 
Learn to Play Jazz Piano Chords
Without the Steep Learning Curve or
Complicated Music Theory

Even if you are out of practice or rusty, this
simple method will get you playing jazz chords fluently
without having to take lessons from
an expensive local piano teacher...

Have you been led to believe that learning to play the piano is a long, daunting task? Something only the young, incredibly skillful, and musically talented could ever hope to accomplish?

Does the thought of trying to wrap your head around a mass of musical hieroglyphics on a page make you want to rock back and forth in a corner?

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of playing the piano for years but found that locating a good affordable local teacher for a regular weekly lesson practically impossible?

Are you sick and tired of burning away your precious time trying to nut out the basics from YouTube videos - only to come away with more questions than answers?

"Bottom line is if your dream to play the piano is being stifled by any of these myths, challenges or futile exercises then you need a real solution NOW."

Good news, your search is over!

You're about to discover a new and highly effective method to learning to play the piano that will...

  • Put you on the fast-track to guaranteed success despite all the myths and the naysayers;
  • Allow you to turn your simplest tunes into great sounding renditions you can be proud of in a fraction of the time;
  • Dissolve all the limitations that have been preventing you getting started so you can start learning right away;
  • Provide all the help you need from piano teachers who love what they do and are there to help you succeed!

A Message From Our Founder & Head Instructor

Hey there Friend!

I'm Nino, the founder of the Jazz Piano Player Academy and want to extend the warmest of welcomes to you!

Since my very first lesson at the tender age of nine and the thirty years that have followed I've had the blessed opportunity to learn to play piano from great teachers!

After being classically trained into my early twenties I had the good fortune to then meet the amazing Rob Hyner, one of the best jazz pianists in Australia.  He took me on as a student and in the 20 years since he's become not only my biggest jazz piano influence, but also one of my closest friends!

I gotta say playing the piano is one of the most fulfulling things I've experienced my whole life and I know it can be yours too!

But there's a catch!

You see having become a teacher myself for the past decade there's one thing I've noticed about getting started learning the piano.

Ninety percent of people who start learning piano are doomed to fail - through no fault of their own!

I can almost ​hear you cry out in disbelief:

"Nino! You've just told me this beautiful story about your piano journey learning from great teachers - what on earth are you talking about?"

​Sure I did, but not only is it a scary and troubling fact, it's the very truth that led to the birth of my Jazz Piano Jumpstart Method.

But don't worry - I'm about to explain...​

Why we're different (and better) than other learning methods...

You see, the traditional learning environment says you must find a local teacher or school, attend a weekly lesson, go home and practice trying to remember everything you learnt and then come back next week and do it all over again.

The problem with this is that even the most dedicated student who never misses a week will only ever get 50 lessons in an entire year!

They also need to be totally self-reliant on their own ability to recall and apply what they learnt in their lesson and be forced to wait up to an entire week for their next lesson for even the simplest guidance or help with their questions.

Of course, this style of learning has been the way people have learnt to play the piano for hundreds of years – and lots still do. But ironically, it’s the very method that is preventing thousands more enthusiastic players just like you from getting started or progressing as fast as they could!

At the Jazz Piano Player Academy we’ve seen firsthand that more people realize their dreams of playing the piano a whole lot quicker when they aren’t shackled by these traditional roadblocks.

"...much more convenient than a traditional teacher..."

"Using Jazz Piano Player has allowed me to learn and practice piano when I have time.  It is much more convenient than a traditional teacher because it does not matter what time it is I can just sit down and learn.  With my busy schedule I don't have time to book out an hour with someone I can just do it."

Jenny Gibbons, Mt Lawley, Western Australia.

Welcome to the Jazz Piano Player Academy

  • Leverage EVERY moment of your valuable learning time.  Your opportunity to learn or ask questions is no longer restricted to a one hour lesson with a local teacher.
  • Accelerate the time it takes you to learn with focused video training that assumes nothing and explains everything.  You get to see and hear each step broken down and demonstrated so that all you need to do is copy and practice to succeed!
  • Remove all the barriers and dispel the myths that have been stopping you up till now!  Regardless of whether you're that figurative deer in the headlights, or you've been spinning your wheels for a while hacking your own path - you can get started today!
  • Get the most out of your practice time with guided step-by-step courses and put a stop to the endless frustration of trying to figure it out from ad-sponsored YouTube videos.

Check out these full length sample lessons from our courses!

Learn 4 ways to play the
13th Chord in the key of C

A lesson from our
course on 6th Chords

An introduction to 
Chord Inversions!

  • Immediate access to 100's of Full HD video lessons you can play on any smart device, tablet or computer letting you learn on your piano or keyboard anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Learn all about notes and chords from the ground up!  You'll finally see how you can use them to turn even the most basic tunes you know into awesome sounding arrangements!
  • Discover the secrets the pro's use to create EMOTION with jazz piano chords!  You'll experience one "Ah-ha" moment after the next when you see how quickly you can invoke feelings of happiness, sadness, suspense, mysteriousness, melancholy and everything in-between!
  • A Lesson Management System that lets you track your progress through step-by-step courses. And whenever you log in it'll let you easily pick up right where you left off.
  • Every lesson comes with downloadable worksheets containing tips, insights, and useful practice strategies you can use to cement your learnings and get the most value out of your practice time.
  • An awesome support program where you can reach out for personalized help when you need it most from a real piano teacher!
  • Access to the members only community facebook group where you can discuss anything and everything to do with learning jazz piano chords.
  • Our flagship Student Video Review Program that provides you with the best of VIP personalised coaching and support! Perfect for any assistance you need that can be best demonstrated using video. Simply upload your video for review and you'll get the speedy, personally tailored 1-to-1 support you need to progress faster!
  • Get access to all new courses and lesson content the moment they become available for the lifetime of your membership.

What our members are saying about their Academy experience

Don't just take our word for it.   Here's what some of our members have had to say about the Jazz Piano Player Academy:

"...Super easy to use."

"As a complete beginner, with limited time, I was after piano lessons that were simple, quick to learn and above all affordable.  Jazz Piano Player Academy offers exactly that.  The site is super easy to use.  The lessons are quick and simple with practical instructions for each chord and a smattering of theory.  The best part though is that you can go back to the lessons time and time again.  You can quickly go from beginner to confident piano player in no time!  So if you're looking for affordable and easy to learn piano lessons then I would highly recommend Jazz Piano Player Academy."

Emma Hamilton, Sydney, Australia.

"...the clear lessons, and chord skills was exactly what I was after."

"I learned piano as a kid and recently I have got back into it.  I didn't want to just learn from sheet music, so I was looking for a way to learn how to play chords and improvise so I could make my own music and learn by ear.  I came across Jazz Piano Player and found that the clear lessons, and chord skills was exactly what I was after.  Jazz Piano Player has a really simple progression path that makes it easy to continually build on new skills. Video lessons are awesome - love how if I'm not quite ready to progress I can repeat the lesson as often as I need till I am comfortable."

Jono Shaw, Perth, Western Australia.

The fastest, most convenient way to learn Jazz Piano for a fraction of the cost...

At the Academy we know that valuable and accessible training is key to getting the guaranteed results you are looking for.

This is not always possible with alternative solutions!

A traditional piano lesson with a good teacher will cost approximately $50-100 per lesson. Even with only one lesson per week you could easily spend over $2600 per year!

And that’s not even considering those extra costs like travel, books or missed lessons you still have to pay for! A massive investment by any measure that very few are able to sustain or afford!

And if you’ve tried the YouTube alternative then you already know that as much as awesome pianists can inspire you;

  • Lessons don't follow any particular order
  • You're always left out in the cold wondering what video to watch next
  • More often than not, you end up whittling away your precious time rarely learning anything for yourself!

What will it cost you if you don't succeed?

Will sitting down at your piano be an endless exercise in frustration and futility trying to nut it all out on your own?

Or worse... will you fail to realize your dreams of playing the piano - forever doomed to reminisce and regret what you could have achieved?

Or you can make the right decision today!

Join the Academy today!

Sign up to a membership today to immediately benefit from everything the Academy has to offer.

Get started with a Gold Membership for an incredible $19 per month - or get a whopping six months of FREE access when you subscribe annually!

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Simply choose a membership option below and in less than five minutes we'll be welcoming you to your very first lesson!


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  • 100's Video Lessons in Full HD
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  • Unlimited Support
  • Student Video Review Program
  • VIP 1 on 1 Coaching

$47 / month

 Your membership is 100% Risk-FREE!

You're fully protected by our iron-clad money-back guarantee! If you decide that your academy membership and all its amazing lessons and support aren't for you, just let us know at any time during your membership period. We'll send you a prompt 100% refund of every penny you paid. That's a full refund, not a partial or pro-rated along with our very best wishes for your future success!

Could any offer be fairer than that?​

Frankly, there's really no reason not to claim your Academy membership today! All risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on mine. Get yours today!​​

Join today to take advantage of these amazing limited time bonuses.

BONUS OFFER #1  - Jazz Piano Player Academy Circle of Fifths Chart ($12 Value)

Get our handy customised Circle of Fifths Chart - your handy reference for piano chord relationships.   It maps out all the Major and Minor Chords  that you'll use every day!

BONUS OFFER #2  - Get TWO free Gold Level Memberships  ($228 Value)

For a limited time when you purchase a PLATINUM membership you'll also get two FREE Gold Level memberships that will never expire for the life of your membership! The perfect way to set up two family members or friends for no additional cost.

2 x​ GOLD Memberships

" much expertise online for such a small investment."

"Wow! I love Nino's course.  I really didn't know that you could find so much expertise online for such a small investment!  Nino has set the course out systematically and you can mark off as you complete each one.  Every video is short but very clear and concise.  Nino makes it really easy for us beginners!"

Jan Reeves, Sydney, Australia.